Zbyszek Olkiewicz

Since 1992 he has been co-creating together with Dariusz Błaszczyk Fabryka Cókierków group, which operates in the area of advertisement and art. He has executed over 150 commercial events and many non-for-profit actions. In 2000 he received the best event of the year award during Crackfilm festival for an action conducted for the Polish Red Cross for child survivors of an earthquake in Turkey. Fabryka Cókierków was listed in the album Corporate Mentality published in New York as an example of applying an artistic approach in creating events. In the course of the training, this approach to the work on creating events shall be presented with particular focus on scenic design and space.

His extensive experience in theatre allows him to look at an event not solely from the commercial point of view, but also as a sort of ‘dramaturgy’, in which employed components complement each other, forming a coherent whole. According to Zbyszek, in order to choose the method for creating space that is the most efficient in a given case and time, one has to familiarize himself with a whole wide range of such methods, as well as take into consideration the specificity of events, their one-off nature and, in most cases, minimum time of execution.

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